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Wall mounted vanity is one very big trend. They are for the contemporary home with sleek style and finish. If you have a contemporary flair and remodel your bathroom, wall mount vanity will make a big impression. Because there is no basis for vanity it makes it very easy to clean as well. Sounds like an easy decision to make if you like the style but the first. May cost a lot more than what you can expect.

Posted on February 25, 2018 Hardware

Installation wall mounted vanity this is where the costs could rise significantly over the floor mount vanity. Before making any purchase, discuss costs with the contractor so that the costs are known upfront. Many contractors have never installed a wall mount vanity but they will tell you it was no problem. It’s not fair to question your contractor experience.

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Wall Mounted Vanity TraySize: 1024 x 768

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If they do not have experience, then they can come back to you with “unexpected” problems and demanded more money. It is important to discuss their details before the purchase is made, and even then there may still be something “unexpected”. It is unfortunately true with most aspects of the renovation process. Since you previously did not have wall mounted vanity, you probably do not know how it’s supposed to be installed.