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Fireproof filing cabinet – The fireproof cabinets are special cabinets equipped with systems fire protection. Its main feature is to isolate and protect the contents from inside in case of fire. These cabinets are designed to protect dangerous goods such as explosives, flammable, corrosive or contaminating products. They are also suitable for protecting valuable documents, backups, records, writings and any documents whose loss is irreparable fire. Thirdly they are very useful also to protect money from the effects of fire.

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For this purpose there are small lockers that are both safe and fireproof filing cabinet. Very useful to keep important documents and money. These cupboards, boxes or fireproof filing cabinets are built with insulating materials and noncombustible. In addition to that feature some expansion joints acting hermetically isolating the inner cabinet as the outside temperature exceeds 50 ° C. Thus they isolated inside the fire and in the case of the fire had occurred on the inside by sealing smother and extinguish cabinet oxygen. This type of cabinets usually the model is accompanied by a RF acronym (Fire Resistance) followed by a number.

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That number indicates the time in minutes inside the cabinet cannot exceed 180 degrees Kelvin should be surrounded by fire. That time may be from 15 to 120 minutes. The variety and types of cabinets in the market is very wide, as each person or company has a different need. You can enter this company fireproof material for all models and prices. Broadly type’s closet we found would be: fireproof filing cabinet serve to protect the interior of the fire. Besides being fire retardant is armored, well protect the interior against fire and theft against prying eyes and hands. These armored cabinets resist collapse of buildings. Lockers to be opened also need a combination, type safe. Within these types exist in different sizes, different fire resistance, etc. so prices vary widely from one type to another.

Awareness of the dangers of fire each day increases more and results in the inevitable purchase of smoke detectors and fire alarms even to save the lives of people. Unfortunately, valuable items such as photos or important documents for the company often lost from these causes. There are a variety of file cabinets in the market when keeping all documentation, from classic cabinets AZ, file fireproof filing cabinet or furniture prepared to organize the documentation, but when fighting a fire or flood any material can protect our files flames or water.

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