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Recessed toilet paper holder brushed nickel – A recessed is held flat against the wall and the bar is located at or near the wall level so that a part of the holder extends into the wall. This type of toilet paper holder is suitable for a small bathroom that does not have much room for additional accessories. Replacing recessed holders means different things depending on the wall. A plastic or ceramic holder to replace the existing accessible home design stores in virtually all colors with many designs to match your bathroom décor.

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First, remove original recessed toilet paper holder brushed nickel. Chip away at the seal around the outer edges of the current recessed toilet paper holder with a trowel. Pull tight strips out with needle-nose pliers. Place the duct tape on the toilet paper holder to prevent the tiles from chipping when you pull out the holder. The duct tape works better than other bands because it does not leave residues. Place a screwdriver behind the rim of the toilet paper holder and hit the end of the chisel with a mallet. Rotate the chisel to start pulling out the holder. Move the chisel along all edges holder to pull it out. Hold the edge of recessed toilet paper holder with needle-nosed pliers and pull until the owner comes out.

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A recessed toilet paper holder sits inside plaster, which gives you a discreet and elegant way to store your toilet paper. Most bathroom walls do not come with a recessed area for storing toilet paper, so you will need to make the hole for yourself if you want to install this type of holder. Some recessed toilet paper holder brushed nickel screwed to the studs next to the opening, and a portion is bonded to the gypsum, creates a niche is simple.

Locate and mark two studs near the place where you want to install the toilet using a stud finder. The niche will go between them. Mark the spot where you want the bottom of the niche to be. Use a level to draw a straight horizontal line across the location. Check the box toilet paper holder came to find the necessary dimensions of the niche. Measure the dimensions of the niche, and mark them on the plaster. Cut along the marks using a drywall saw. Throw away the drywall that you remove. You now have a niche to install a recessed toilet paper holder brushed nickel

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