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Master bathroom design ideas – Designing a tropical bathroom for a sense of elegance, whimsy or create a refuge in your home. A tropical bathroom can be bright or calm. Go all out with citrus colors like lime green, lemon yellow and orange. For a more feminine tropical bath, try a flamingo pink or coral. Pair the light tones with breezy white tile and clean shower curtains for an airy, fresh look. Use sand colors on the tiles and pair it with rich wood tones for an understated theme. These colors are versatile, so you can change the look of your bathroom in the future. Slate tiles set in rich gold and oranges reminiscent of Hawaii.

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Tropical decorating using natural materials master bathroom design ideas. Look for a vanity with woven grass accents. You will also find bamboo used in tropical decor. Hold metals underrated as an oil rubbed bronze light fixture or sink faucet. Accent room with large wood carvings or masks for island style. The glass elements add a modern feel at the same time reminiscent of the sea like a frosted vessel sink. Simple bamboo or woven grass blinds are inexpensive and allow light into space. Look for lighting that uses shells for an elegant beach feeling.

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A tropical master bathroom design ideas theme can be luxurious or fun. Unleash the tropical style in a kid’s bathroom. Keep the theme of the letter rather than discreetly with a palm print shower curtain. Colorful fish prints on the walls and toothbrush holders brighten up space. Hang striped beach towels instead of traditional towels for extra color. Tropical decor was also a characteristic of vintage furnishings. If you have an older home stay true to the character of your space with a palm frond wallpaper and vintage sea foam green tiles. Accessorize with shells, fish netting, and an antique model of a boat.

Light creates a spa feel in a bathroom. Give glass candle holder a tropical feel by wrapping papyrus around outside and secure it with tape. Lean a bamboo ladder against the wall as a decorative accessory that you can hang towels from. Faux coconut halves act as funky wall art. Add shade to the top of your vanity instead of using a traditional flower arrangement. Put water and blue food coloring in a vase for a cheap arrangement. A tropical leaf in the vase continues the master bathroom design ideas theme.