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Thasos marble – The Thassos marble is on the Greek island of Thasos dismantled.  Thassos marble also one of the important of modern in Europe and Asia Minor. This marble is in its best sort of pure white color. Even was already in the Roman Empire as marble Thorium extensive use. The mining sites are located on the island of Thasos , which in the northern part of the Aegean is.

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The focus of the modern degradation constitutes the quarries in the northeastern island region. In ancient times, quarries were also active on the south coast. With be careful obtain mining, raw blocks are of considerable dimensions. The world’s most prized variety is under the special name Snow of Thassos traded. It is a pure white stone of unusually high reflection power. This sorting is one of the most important national export items in Greece.  For interior decoration and art objects of all kinds, people’s using thassos marble.

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Pretty Thassos MarbleSize: 1000 x 999

Amazing Thassos MarbleSize: 1000 x 1000

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Top Thassos MarbleSize: 1000 x 1000

Thassos marble typically use for stairs, baths and swimming pools. Also customary are table tops, decorative architectural parts and designer objects. They also export mass products such as tiles, plates, baths, monuments and works of art.  For coastal and mole protection, use large blocks and blocks of poor quality. While fine material shipped as white chippings or gravel.