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Wall mount faucet – A wall bracket crane offers installation at any height on the wall. It also takes up less disk space and leaving more space for small items near the crane. Wall mount faucets take a moderate amount of time, tools and skills to install as long as you follow the proper procedure. If you have experience installing a conventional crane, making the leap to a wall bracket is within reach.

Posted on February 28, 2018 Hardware

Screw wall mount faucet the set screw into the spout shank with an Allen key. Remove thread protectors from the spout threaded end. Screw spout in the open end of the spout stem, called mixer outlet opening. Tighten until the spout is secure inside the shaft. And then turn the spout head toward the drain, so it is position properly. Turn the adjustment screw clockwise with the Allen wrench to tighten the spout when it is properly set in place.

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Wall Mount Faucet StyleSize: 1000 x 720

Wall Mount Faucet PlanSize: 1000 x 666

Nice Wall Mount FaucetSize: 962 x 611

Good Wall Mount FaucetSize: 990 x 990

Best Wall Mount FaucetSize: 1014 x 760

Installing wall mount faucet, place the bonnet, the cone shaped trim piece under the spout and push it all the way back to the edge of the spout shank. With your hands, form a ring of plumbers putty and place it on the back of the coat of arms the round, flat trim piece with a hole in the middle. Place this coat of arms over the spout head. Push up against the wall with his hands as plumbers putty touches the wall. If there is excess putty around the edges, remove it with a scraper.