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Granite Kitchen Sinks – Granite countertops are a clean, modern and durable design to complete your kitchen shape. Part of the appeal of granite in the kitchen is the use of a low sink assembly. Instead of one to hang a hoop mounted on the counter. It will connect below this with a combination of adhesives and mounting fasteners.

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The most important part of the installation is to leave enough for these adhesives harden, otherwise, the sink can break off the top time. Instructions: Passes a bead of silicone adhesive around the edge of the sink cutout on the bottom of the granite kitchen sinks countertop. Squeeze the caulk tube slowly to ensure uniform line adhesive. Aligns the sink bottom with the opening and press it into the putty. Place the two by four on the top cutout sink so as to extend through it.

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Place the top of the C-clamp over the two by four and the bottom through the sink drain. This will hold the sink in place while the adhesives are cured. Fixed mounting fasteners sink to the bottom of this and granite kitchen sinks. Place the bolt shaft by first applying a small amount of epoxy to the bottom of granite, by the sink rim and press the bolt shank in the epoxy.