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Self closing hinges – First, tighten the screws in the self-closing hinge. If a screw is loose, the cabinet doors can become misaligned and the self-closing mechanism is not working properly. Place a screw that is missing; missing screws can have the same effect as loose screws hinge or door. Second, spray lubricant on self-closing hinge if not to close on their own. Drying up excess lubricant off the cabinet with a dry cloth, and try to close the door.

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If the hinge is still not catch the door, unscrew the entire hinge and clean it. Second, fill a slow cooker with water and 2 tablespoons liquid detergents. Unscrew the self closing hinges from the cabinet and put it in the slow cooker. Turning the pot on medium heat and allow the hinge to soak overnight. Any dirt, paste or paint will soften from the hinge. Then dry hinged clean.

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Last, loosen or tighten the adjustment screws on the self closing hinges to change the location of the cabinet door. Sometimes the door is a bit off-center, not aligned with the door next to it or has a gap between it and the cabinet. To solve this, find the adjustment screws in the middle of the upper or lower hinge. One will move the door to the left or right, someone else will move the door up and down, while another will move the door closer or away from the chassis.