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Curtain hangers are very practical elements that, in addition to safeguarding a living natural light have a decorative function very particular. Choose the most flattering curtains for our home. It can resultants complicated if we take into account a number of factors that will be decisive. We show a selection of the most important so you know how to choose curtains for a house

Posted on April 15, 2018 Hardware

The decorative style of the room is essential to choose the type of curtain hangers more appropriate. The rooms that have a unique decoration. For example, printed fabrics can serve as a guide to find a shade that combines well. You can also choose one that is stamp or rich, vivid colors , but if your idea is to integrate into space as one element, use the same tones that looks the other tissues of the room.

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Small Curtain HangersSize: 900 x 600

Shower Curtain HangersSize: 900 x 752

Curtain Hangers RodSize: 900 x 675

The size of the room is also something to consider as in small rooms are preferable those light curtain hangers in light colors to let light pass; however, in larger rooms you can decanters by opaque fabrics if you prefer. Keep in mind the seasonal changes as not the same style of fabric required for winter to summer. Normally, in the cold months heavy and thick curtains to keep the indoor temperature and prevent heat loss are placed. In the summer, they are more recurrent curtains as the light curtain favoring home ventilation