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Citronella torches -Citronella is a plant that has a strong aroma reminiscent of lemon and has the advantage of naturally repelling insects. Citronella candles and torches used outside of the parties to keep away pests. But you can also make incense with dried citronella plant. The fragrant smoke that comes directly from the dries. Burning the herb will be even more effective in keeping away the annoying insects and you can do it safely and easily.

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Buy dried citronella leaves or pick some leaves from a plant citronella and hanging them out to dry. Crush the dried leaves in a glass bowl with a spoon if it is not already in a crushed, powdered form. When all citronella crushed, use a spoon to collect the powder citronella leaves in the middle of the plate.

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Citronella Torches PlanSize: 1000 x 667

Pour some honey next to the pile of crushed leaves. Use the spoon to start mixing the powder and honey together to form lumps of resin. The consistency of the resin should be more dry than wet, so do not put too much honey. Add some honey at a time if you need it while you mix. Store your resin incense in a clean glass jar with a lid.