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Bathroom vanity ideas – Use your imagination and creativity when placing ceramic tiles around your bathroom vanity ideas. Use as a backsplash, no matter what your countertop material, tiles offer a waterproof accent to it. Small tiles or large ones in a pattern or color give a distinctive look. Use all the same color tones, like all earth tones, and then a few seats in the kitchen table or the floor color scattered throughout your tile pattern tie in your color scheme perfectly. In a small bathroom vanity ideas, placing one edge of the tiles as a backsplash and extend the tiles around the bathroom walls in a narrow line, two to six inches high, to give the appearance of a large bathroom. Or tile one or all of the entire walls of the bathroom. Larger bathrooms would require a lot of pieces to this project, and is not recommended.

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Mirrors can be custom cut to the size you choose from a glass company. Carry the theme of your bathroom vanity ideas in your design for a great look, whether it’s a tropical theme using tiles with palm trees or fish or a southwestern theme with rustic look tiles. Shows a vanity mirror surrounded by tiles. The final result is a masterpiece of creativity.

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Ceramic tile mural designed on above a bathtub wall. The same tile idea can be used over or near your vanity in a mosaic or a mural of tiles that matches or accents second tile in your bathroom vanity ideas. The mosaic may be used instead of a mirror, or next to a. For a double sink vanity with individual mirrors, placing the tile mural between the mirrors ads an elegant touch.

Bathroom vanity ideas, while being an important part of your bathroom decor can often be boring or simply utilitarian. But your bathroom vanity ideas can help you a device statement, depending on the type of material you use for it. Bathroom vanity ideas choices do not end up in the big box hardware store. The bath vanities are the central point of focus and attention on the bathroom, that’s where the mirror and sink live, where people wash their hands, brush their teeth, check their makeup and fix their hair. An endless amount of activity happening in this area and its decor and overall look can add a sense of harmony, or lack thereof, to a certain bathroom.