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Double bathroom vanity – If new or pre-owned furniture is not your style. You can easily create a vintage or antique style bathroom. By recapturing antiques and other furnishings to create your double sink vanity. Then an option that makes a large batch is to transform an old farm table or antique to your double sink vanity.

Posted on March 29, 2018 Hardware

You need to cut two holes from the tabletop to fit sinks and a shelf to the bottom provides space for storage. An antique double bathroom vanity dresser can be repurpose in the same way and gives drawers for storage. If you have a matching pair of antique sewing tables. You may add counter, sink to the top, and put them together. Even the old iron fencing can be fashioned to provide a solid foundation.

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Double Bathroom VanitySize: 921 x 900

Double bathroom vanity sink typically installed as a unit on the same disk space, but you can separate the two basins to define each person’s space. Place a shelf with the same finish between two freestanding vanity sinks, and you have separation with continuous flow. Install a set of drawers with a matching countertop that is a few inches higher than the sink counters. Both individuals have access to the set of boxes, but the difference in height differs sinks.